industrial design

Sceptre stradas update

Our client commissioned us to develop two contemporary fourplexes that will be an organic addition to the existing neighboring building, designed by our firm 5 years prior.

We have devoted a great effort to design buildings that are sensitive to the street and the neighbors.

The proposed project consists of two three storey buildings with street orientated landscaped terraces, tall basements and attached garages.

Special attention was dedicated to the landscape design. The size of the lots is not very big, therefore landscaping above the grade is so significant, both for the future residents and for street views.

Terraces with built-in shrubbery beds are stepping back on each of the upper floors to reduce the massing impact. The rich pallet of finishing materials is used throughout the project.

Total gross area 16,900 SF
Land value $1,100,000
Construction Budget $2,950,000
Market value $5,140,000
ROE 27%